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New Year Yomp ?>

New Year Yomp

New Year’s Day, and after a frankly horrible couple of weeks, we decided what we really needed was a good old fashioned yomp through some muddy woods, so we set off for Blean Wood.  We’ve been there once before, and got suitably muddy and rosy cheeked, so it seemed like a good bet. This time, we didn’t bother with anything so simple (or sensible) as a glance at the route map before setting off – we just kind of picked…

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Tree Top Drop ?>

Tree Top Drop

Just in case anyone has managed to avoid seeing this all over Facebook, here’s a little video clip of Mary throwing herself off the vertical drop slide thingie at Wildwood, our local wildlife park. The slide is good fun, though you wouldn’t know it listening to the shriek of fear in this clip… The video is from my HTC Desire HD, which does a half decent job when I stop waving it around like an idiot.

Insane ISO ?>

Insane ISO

My photography took a bit of a hit last summer when my well worn and well used Canon EOS 300D finally went to the big Photoshop in the sky.  It seems sea and sand don’t mix well with D-SLRs… who would’ve thought? Well, all that came to an end last week when my darling wife came into a small amount of money and decided that our walks are much more fun when I’m pre-occupied with taking rather geeky pictures, or…

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Baby News II ?>

Baby News II

Things James has now: Hair.  Enough to go curly when it gets long, and to look worryingly ‘Hawaiian Sunset’ in the right light.  Or should that be the wrong light? Teeth.  3 at the last count, with more coming.  He’s had 2 for what seems like an age, but the telltale signs of proper teething started about a week ago and he’s now sporting a nice big upper incisor to go with his 2 lowers.  The scarcity of teeth hasn’t…

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